We have amazed multiple world rally champion Walter Röhrl by our tuning!

Porsche builds fantastic cars. But even so powerful production has to make some compromises in the case of mass production. Each car is designed for a wide range of customers and many styles of driving. If you want a car reflecting your individuality, or car with higher level of performance, we create a perfect vehicle for you. We have spent much time adjusting Porsche for his better performance or control. Vast experience gained during the racing career of our team, but also present continuous training in the field, allowed us to become experts on specific adjustments Porsche.


Our support

Before you reach the top, let our experienced techniques prepare your car for optimum performance on normal road and race track. We can improve the control of the car, brakes and power. Install safety equipment and data acquisition system. Or just check the settings. Whether you are an experienced rider or you are driving your first round, we have the knowledge of making your car well prepared.

But our support doesn't end when you leave our workshop. We'll be available anytime and anywhere. Let us prepare and service your car, and concentrate only on driving!

We introduce our projects