The Porsche cars, we know almost everything...

Porsche is a synonym of great sports cars with an excellent history. The name Porsche arouses admiration, enthusiasm, but also respect.

Recently our racing car Porsche was the only in the Czech Republic for several years. During this time we have learnt a lot about these cars during preparing for the races and during races themselves.

Our mechanics have obtained the experineces during extreme conditions in which both quality and time are the most important. And these very experinces and results (that we reached on races in the wole world) now projects in the quality of our Porsche service and tuning.

Our mechanics touched every screw of this technique. Who should be better prepared than we then? All these together with moder equipment is a guarantee of professional service of the highest quality.


We offer:
  • usual service
  • original parts and accessories
  • tin work
  • paint work
  • tire service and tire sales
  • possibility of storing tires and wheels
  • hand washing and cleaning
  • pickup and delivery vehicles
  • transport in a covered trailer
  • towing service