Vzhůru Farinovou zatáčkou

Since 1998 Vonka Racing organizes hill climbing race named "Vzhůru Farinovou zatáčkou" using one of the most interesting part of Masaryk circuit near Brno - the legendary Grand Prix racing track in thirties.

Thanks to Vonka Racing everybody commemorate once in a year almost 80 years history of Masaryk Grand Prix.

The race is the part of Czech Hill Climbing Championship. Compete here up-to-date cars and historic cars as well.

Race is named after Giuseppe Nino Farina (first Formula 1 champion).

Rallye Show Modřice

Jan Vonka started his racing career in rally and therefore since 2001 Vonka Racing organizes one in a year rallyesprint named "Rallye Show Modřice" like a friendly rally drivers meeting at the end of season.

Driving courses

Vonka Racing provides individual and group driving courses for both novice drivers and automobile racers.

  • basic
    for all drivers (with a valid driver license) interested in improving their driving skills in road traffic
  • sporting
    for fans of sporty driving and powerful sports car owners
  • racing
    for the future or already competing racing drivers to improve their driving skills or for obtaining a car racing license
  • school of skids
    schools are for all drivers with an interest in improving car driving in extreme conditions (snow, ice, slush, wet, various types of surfaces...)